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What is Assault

An assault is said to have occurred when someone intentionally or recklessly causes another person to immediately apprehend unlawful violence. This may or may not involve actually touching the other person and the type of charge may depend upon the seriousness of injuries or the occupation of the person assaulted.

Different types of assault offences

  • Common assault
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
  • Recklessly / Maliciously inflict grievous bodily harm
  • Assault Police

Penalties for assault offences

Most assaults are indictable offences that are dealt with summarily. That means that they are determined in the Local Court. The penalties vary depending on the exact offence with which you have been charged. If you’ve been charged with assault you should contact a specialist criminal lawyer prior to attending court.

Defences to assault

There are defences to assault – the most common of which is self defence. This means that if you were acting to defend yourself, someone else, or your property, you may be not guilty of the offence.

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